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Training Request Action

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This page only contains the details with regards to this creating or editing this specific type of activity. You should already have a basic understanding of how to create and edit workflow activities in the Workflow Designer. Click here for the guide on how to do that.


This is a multipurpose activity that can perform multiple functions within a Training Request workflow based on the configuration of the activity.

This activity ONLY works with Training Request workflows (created from a Published Event in the Training module). Adding this activity to any other workflow will cause the activity to automatically end in skipped / failed state when starting.

Creating a Training Request Action activity

From the Workflow Designer, right-click on the current activity that you want to flow into the new activity, move over the New Activity menu for the appropriate path (On Approval or Rejection) and click the Training Request Action activity item. Alternatively, simply click the Training Request Action Activity item from the New dropdown button on the toolbar. This will open the following Activity Editor.


Fields specific to this type of activity

Action / Purpose

This field specify the purpose for this activity and how the activity will behave in the workflow. Below are the various values for this field and how the activity will behave in each instance:

Approve / Reject Learners

The activity will provide an area for approving or rejecting each individual learner and can only be completed once all the learners in the request have been either approved or rejected. Once everyone has been actioned, then the activity will be able to be signed off.

Note that the final status of the activity will be determined by the number of approved / rejected learners. If all the learners were rejected, then the activity will end in Rejected state, otherwise it will end in Completed state.

Generate Quotation

The activity will provide a work area to the user for building and generating the quotation for the overall training request.

Upload Purchase Order

The activity will provide a working area where the purchase order can be uploaded for the training request.

Approve Purchase Order

A user must verify that the uploaded purchase order is valid and then sign off or reject the activity.

Create Training Records

The system will create the training records on the system for all the approved learners and close the request.

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