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Creating Training Events

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In this article, we will show step-by-step instructions on how to create a new training event and schedule multiple learners for the event.

Video Demonstration


Getting Started

To get started, in HR Manage, go to the Training Administration module by clicking on the Training Administration menu item on the home screen or by clicking the Training toolbar item in the top ribbon.  Then click on the Manage Events menu item to open the Training Event Manager.  Now simply click on the Create New toolbar button in the ribbon to open the New Training Wizard.
On the "New Training Wizard", note that you can go back to a previous step at any time by simply clicking the Previous Step button on the ribbon toolbar or by clicking on the step icon at the top of the window below the ribbon bar.

New Training Wizard

Step 1 - Select Intervention

On this step, select the intervention that you would like to schedule for training. 
To begin, simply select a Training Type on the left (1) which will populate the interventions of that type on the right (2).  You can also filter the list of interventions by typing part of the name in the search box (3).  It is also possible to further filter the current list by moving the mouse cursor over the column and clicking on the filter dropdown (4), selecting the filter values and clicking Apply.

When selecting an intervention, the "Tracking per sub-intervention" setting (5) will change automatically based on the configuration of the intervention in the intervention library.  To override this setting, simply choose the desired option here.  A further explanation of these settings will be discussed in Step 2.
Finally, click on Next Step (6) to continue with the wizard.

Step 2 - Capture Details

This is where you will capture details and configure the training event.  Details like dates, notes, attachments, statuses, etc.

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