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PaySpace Integration

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Getting the integration up and running between HR Manage and PaySpace is as simple as entering a couple of values into the Payroll Configuration Wizard. In order for the integration to be enabled, you must first create an API key in PaySpace and then enter the values into the configuration wizard.

Configuring PaySpace

More details to follow

Configuring HR Manage

Using the keys information obtained from PaySpace, go to the HR Manage Importer and Create a New Import Template by clicking on the New Template toolbar item. Then on the Import Template Editor, top open the wizard, click on the Quick Payroll API Configuration button in the Ribbon toolbar.


On the wizard, the API Base Url and Authentication Url will already be filled in for you. You only need to change it if you wish to connect to a QA environment instead.
In the rest of the fields, simply entry your PaySpace company Id and enter the “Client Id” and “Client Secret” keys obtained from PaySpace. Note that using this wizard is ideal for setting up a new Import Template and using this wizard on an existing Import Template will overwrite the import sources and column mappings already configured. Simply acknowledge this by checking the Confirmation checkbox and then clicking Ok.
This will configure the following sections in the Import Template:

  • Details
    • “Import Source” (name of the payroll) and the “Key Field for Manager” will be configured.
  • Import Sources
    • 3 Import Sources will be created, each retrieving data from a different PaySpace API:
      • Employee
      • EmployeePosition
      • EmployeeEmploymentStatus
    • The importer will combine all this information, validate it and import it into HR Manage during each run.
  • Column Mapping
    • All the applicable fields that can be retrieved from PaySpace will be preconfigured. You can now simply tweak the behaviour and specify any fields that should be excluded or map any custom fields that should be included.

In the cases where data from libraries like Job Titles are properly maintained on PaySpace so that a direct sync is possible, we can create a custom Task in the Import Template that would create any new library and/or lookup items as part of the data retrieval process. It is also possible to maintain this yourself by using the Import Result Explorer to see if there were any import warnings or exceptions, make adjustments and reimport those selected employees.

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